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Ban the senseless use of drawstring bags by Andrew Clifford

An open letter to Andrew Clifford. I never thought it would come this far, Andrew. For as long as I can remember, you have repeatedly chosen, despite freewill and apparent common sense, to utilise the services of one of the worst styles of bag ever invented; the drawstring. One of the least practical bags ever invented, (it's uncomfortable, it doesn't hold contents securely, it doesn't stop foreign objects entering (weather, bugs etc), the straps aren't adjustable) the drawstring bag has adorned your back on many excursions and trips, from football in the park (begrudgingly acceptable) to international holidays to Rome, Budapest and Barcelona (completely unacceptable). The first recorded evidence of you wearing a bag of this style - from the brand Nike - dates back to the 21st of July, 2007 (see photo above right). A group social visit to Rome, Italy. Even then, many years after you first decided to use the style of bag, during your school years, you still persisted in using such an abhorrent carrying device. But now, almost 8 years ago from the Rome trip, you were recorded on the 5th of April 2015, using another Nike version of the bag (I sincerely hope it wasn't the same example, pictured above left)). 8 years. Almost 3,000 days. Nearly 70,000 hours. My question is simple. What is going on? My, and societies, problem with this type of bag goes far beyond it's complete lack of usefulness. It's the total antithesis of fashion. From a person who turns his nose up at anyone who dares to mispronounce UNI QLO, because they haven't traveled to Japan, the brands homeland, it is utterly perplexing that you would make such an obvious fashion faux pas time and again. Discounting your school years, where we were all privy to a few mistaken fashion experiments, you have persisted in making the same miscalculation for a total of (almost) EIGHT years. The time is now to stop this senselessness, the complete inanity and irrationality, and move on from the drawstring devil. The time is now; lose the bag.

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